My Genealogy Planner is growing as I think of information I’d like to have quickly at hand as I work in 10-15 minute chunks on my genealogy.  The goal of the planner is to have a QUICK method of keeping track of genealogy tasks I can complete in unexpected short blocks of time during my day.  So far, I’ve created pages for group sheets and a double timeline.  I’ve also converted my family notes to pages that fit in my planner, but that doesn’t take a template, it just means reducing the font, changing the margins and pasting in my ivy border.  I use my calander pages to jot down questions and quick projects so that I can open my planner during lunch or other free times and immediately have something to work on. As I continue working with my planner to do research for my Stephens line, I’m seeing what types of things would be helpful and what types of things would just be filler.

I wanted to have pages in my planner that would allow me to make lists.  My original thought was to have a place to keep track of what census records I had found for each family.  But then I started thinking of all the other things I make lists of.  I make to do lists, lists of available resources at the library, lists of microfilm I want to order from FHL, lists of questions that pop into my mind while researching, significant historical events in a location, etc.  So even though this says “Census Tracker” at the top, I could change that title to be anything I’d like. 

Remember, these sheets are meant to be cut in half so that I can put them into my planner.  Once again, I have a template called “Instructions” to show you where the text boxes are and to give a bit of information on set up.  Then I have templates for the front and back (margins have to be different if I want to print front and back) with ivy and without ivy.

I hope these are helpful!

Census Tracker Instructions

Census Tracker Front with ivy
Census Tracker Back with ivy

Census Tracker Front no ivy
Census Tracker Back no ivy