Continuing to tweak my genealogy research planner, here’s my form for this week.  Remember, my planner fits pages that are 8 ½ x 5 ½, so that what these pages were designed to fit.

Sometimes I find it helpful to compare the timelines of 2 different people or a person and historic events in the area.  I’ve also used this to make a timeline on the left with comments, details or questions on the right half.  Having the timeline next to a copy of my notes helps me to zero in to make sure that the records I’m looking at fit in the correct time frame.

This full sheet is meant to be cut in half in order to fit in my planner.   Because you can’t change the margins half way through a document, there is a separate template for the back side if you’d like to print front and back or if you’d prefer to have a 1 sided page with the holes on the right.  Once again, there’s a page with explanations and details for the front and back, a front and back plain version and a front and back with ivy.  You can see the text boxes for typing in in the explanation pages, but not in the others (but they are there).  I hope you find them helpful!

Timeline fill in the blank front explanation
Timeline fill in the blank back explanation

Blank Timeline Front with ivy
Blank Timeline Back with ivy

Blank Timeline Front no ivy
Blank Timeline Back no ivy