The Presidential Election of 1896 was one of the most exciting elections in our history. Party loyalties were still fierce for the local elections of 1897 and violence was rampant.  At first, I only planned to post the first 2 clippings from the Adair County News from Nov. 3, 1897, but the following clippings from the next week fit so well with them that I decided to post them all at once. 

Russell County names:  Merrill Tarter, William Redmon, Bailey, Shackleford, Hindman, W.W. Jones, N.H.W. Aaron, H.H. Dunbar, W.E. Miller, W.T. Sharp, J.P. Clayton, J.T. Sullivan, John D. Irvine, A. Baugh, W.S. Stone., Lilburn Phelps, J.N. Meadows, T.R. Morrison, O.B. Vaughan, V. Dockery, J.T. Bernard, J.B. Wheat, Emerine Lapsley, Jno. Wooldridge, Theodore Johnson.