I currently have a copy of a microfilm for the newspaper “Adair County News” beginning with Nov. 1897 and I’m scanning articles or newsbits that are from Russell County, Kentucky.  I’ve also come across some obituaries from Adair County that I just felt like someone would love to have – especially if it’s a woman since they seem to be so difficult to research.

I’m going to post one or two a week and call it “Timeline Tuesday”.  If you click on the image, it should pop up in an enlarged format so it will be easier to read.  I’m also going to try to include a list of the names mentioned so that they might be picked up in a search engine.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed looking for them!

Names:  Mrs. G.F. Jones, Mrs. A.C. Adams, Mr. Louis Parmley, S.A. Gann, Miss Lillian Phillips, E.O. Stone, S.A. Simpson, A.P. Simpson, Hon. L. Eastham, W.A. Eastham, Rev. Tabor (death), Miss Ethel Patterson, Rev. Bash (death) Mrs. M.M. Scholl, G. Self