This is a continuation of my transcription of the Russell County Deed Index book.  Working on the B’s.  Some pages were microfilmed in such a way that the page numbers were unclear.  If that was the case, I noted the Book only.

1851 Belk, Logan S. Helm, James E-322
1851 Bernard, William W. Robison, Mathew E-381
1851 Bernard, william W. Judd, Jesse S. atty E-384
1850 Buster, Claudius C. Heurns, Richard H. & c E-391
1852 Blair, William Stone, Witham E-396
1852 Browder, William Browder, James E-415
1852 Belk, Milton Wooldridge, Christian E-418
1852 Bernard, william W. Williams, Susan & c E-433
1851 Blankenship, G.W. Jackman, Thomas & c E-440
1852 Bowlin, John C. Richardson, Richard B. E-446
1852 Beck, John & c Cloghun, J.W. & c by atty E-450
1842 Bowmer, James Bowmer, John E-461
1852 Ballew, Harry Wooldridge, Alexander & c E-465
1852 Bernard, John T. Rexroat, Silas E-467
1852 Beau, Robert Miller, George W.D. Sheriff E-469
1852 Brown, Joel Bernard, Abner E-487
1853 Bradshaw, John Shepherd, Franklin E-505
1852 Bernard, W.W. Satterfield, S.H. E-534
1852 Blankenship, Hudson Helm, Jacob E-555
1853 Bernard, W.W. Bryan, George E-556
1853 Blankenship, Joel Green, Wm M. F-2
1853 Bebu, Allen Hays, David & c F-45
1852 Bowlin, Isham Coffey, Franklin F-69
1853 Ballinger, Joseph Wright, W.R. F-75
1853 Belk, Logan S. Wright, Hiram B. F-76
1853 Brown, William J. Higginbotham, John W. F-84
1853 Blair, Burton Perryman, George W. F-88
1853 Bernard, Slanghter Bernard, John F-91
1852 Bryan, George Caldwell, William F-104
1853 Barger, Daniel B. Bryan, George F-107
1853 Bailey, James Bernard, Allen F-109
1854 Blankenship, Joel Singleton, Moses F-125
1854 Bryan, George atty Weseley, G.W. F-133
1854 Barger, Stephens Worsley, George W. F-140
1850 Bowlin, Ishham Bolin, John C. F-158
1854 Bernard, W.W. Owens, Hestor F-171
1854 Brown, George W. Coffey, Anderson F-191
1854 Barger, Janiah Stephens, Jonah F-201
1854 Bradshaw, William A. George, Henry C. F-206
1854 Barger, John H. Barger, Verlinda F-215