This is a continuation of my transcription of the Russell County Deed Index book.  Working on the B’s.  Some pages were microfilmed in such a way that the page numbers were unclear.  If that was the case, I noted the Book only.

1840 Ballenger, David Owsley, Bryan Y. D-54
1841 Basheers, John Judd, Nathaniel D-59
1841 Bradshaw, Asuri White, John D-82
1841 Blankenship, John Cravens, Virginia B. D-83
1841 Bullock, Edward J. Garrett, Lewis P. D-84
1841 Ballew, George Cook, David D-91
1841 Bullock, Edward J. Shakelfone, Reubin B.  D-93
1842 Boyd, William & c Boyd, John & c D-98
1842 Barger, Josiah Kerns, Silas D-112
1842 Bledsoe, Joseph & c Turner, Smith D-145
1842 Bolin, Istham Bolin, John D-153
1844 Blankenship, John McKinley, Peter D-193
1844 Boleu, E.T. Cheatham, N.B. D-210
1842 Barger, Isiac Haynes, John D-220
1842 Barger, Daniel B. Patterson, Charles D-226
1842 Barger, Daniel B. Rowe, Joseph T. conv. D-237
1844 Blankenship, John Blankenship, Jess Sr. D-264
1842 Brown, Joel Wilson, Moses D-305
1845 Beck, Aann Semple, Charles D. D-337
1844 Ballew, Hustin Akers, Thomas & c D-377
1845 Barnes, Charles C. Patterson, Charles Agt & fam con D-394
1846 Bowmer, James Bowmer, John D-401
1846 Boyd, George Helm, George D-416
1846 Brown, Berry & c Owsley, Bryan Y. D-417
1847 Bradshaw, Seth J. Popplewell, Simca D-467
1847 Beard, Rebecca Perryman, Richard D-518
1847 Boyd, William & c Boyd, George D-532
1847 Boyd, William & c Boyd, James D-533
1847 Brown, Kenyon Flowers, Berryman H. D-545
1848 Bolin, Isham Owsley, Bryon Y. E-47
1848 Buster, John P. Jones, Allen E-68
1847 Bryan, George Lair, William D. E-78
1846 Blair, James Wolford, J.M. E-98
1849 Brown, Berryman Wooldridge, Lewis E-110
1849 Bryan, George Collins, James Sheriff E-138
1848 Brock, John Bowlin, John C. & c E-166
1850 Bolin, John C. Brock, John E-195
1850 Blankenship, Jesse Garner, Quarles E-212
1850 Bradshaw, Seth J. Selby, James E-232
1848 Buster, Charles R. Bryan, George E-302