This is a continuation of my transcription of the Russell County Deed Index book.  Working on the B’s.  Some pages were microfilmed in such a way that the page numbers were unclear.  If that was the case, I noted the Book only.

1834 Bell, Benjamin Drydin & Bledsoe C
1837 Borslin, Benjamin Hill, Dempsey S. C
1840 Brockman, Thomas Winfrey, Thomas C
1838 Buster, William W. Vaughan, John & c C
1841 Brown, Charly W. Turner, Smith D
1839 Bingham, George Perkins, Richards D
1841 Bullock, Edward J. Twidwell, George W. D
1841 Bullock, E.J. Patterson & Smith D
1841 Bullock, Edward J. Dowell, Garnett cr & c D
1841 Blankenship, John McFalls, John D
1841 Bradshaw, Seth J. Law, Coleman D
1842 Bradshaw, William Twidwell, George W. D
1842 Boyd, John Boyd & Witham D
1842 Bullock, Edward J. Pattenn, James G. D
1842 Borolin, Jackson Owaur, Hamilton D
1842 Bullock, Edward J. Guar, John B. D
1842 Buster, Claudius Sheriff McClure, Nathan D
1842 Bullock, Edward J. McKinnley, James D
1842 Bolin, Istham Owsley, Bryan  Y. D
1842 Brown, Kenyon Flowers, Berryman H. D
1839 Bernard, John Hill, William R. D
1842 Bolin John Bolin, Istham D
1842 Blankenship, David McClure, Nathan D
1839 Bernard, John Hill, Will R. D
1842 Bullock, Edward J. Webb, Franklin D
1842 Bradleyt, Sim Forbes, Joseph R. D
1843 Buster, John P. McBeath, John D
1842 Bolin, Istham Forbes, Joseph R. D
1842 Bryan, George conv. Flowers, Berryman H. D
1844 Blankenship, Jess Sr. Blankenship, John D
1841 Bullock, Edward Herriford, Jacob B. D
1842 Bolin, Prudence Law, Coleman D
1844 Bullock, Edward J. Herriford, George D
1846 Brown, Kenyon Wells, Thomas D
1846 Bowmer, John Bowmer, James D
1846 Belk, James Owsley, Bryan Y. D
1846 Ballenger, Benjamin & c Miller, Wm. J. D
1846 Brown, Kenyon & c Clayton, P.M. D
1847 Boyd, George Boyd, William D
1847 Boyd, James Boyd, William D