This is a continuation of my transcription of the Russell County Deed Index book.  Working on the B’s.  Some pages were microfilmed in such a way that the page numbers were unclear.  If that was the case, I noted the Book only.

1826 Blankenship, A. Crogham, Thomas A-29
1826 Brockman, Ambros Triplet, Lerois & c A-34
1826 Boyd, John Boyd, William A-41
1826 Boyd, James Boyd, William A-44
1826 Boyd, George Boyd, William A-46
1826 Boyd, George Boyd, William A-49
1826 Buckhanan, John B. Busckhanan, Nathan A-61
1826 Blair, James Wolford, John & c A-66
1827 Buster, Claudius & c Moody, Thomas & c A-83
1826 Brown, Joel Asherry, William A-89
1827 Bledsoe, William H. Bunty, James A-127
1824 Barger, Isiah Williams, Jonothan A-147
1827 Bledsoe, William H. Bunty, John A-154
1827 Baugh, Abner Sheeks, David A-167
1827 Boyd, John Lester, Daniel A-194
1827 Bennett, Charles Blankenship, Danny & c A-211
1828 Blankenship, John & c Holt, Berryman A-249
1828 Bradley, Sely Bradley, William B-4
1828 Bradshaw, Elijah Cross, William B-8
1828 Belk, James Bradley, William & c B-10
1828 Bryant, James Easly, Jess B-12
1828 Bryant, James Grider, Joseph B-14
1827 Ballenger, John & c Brummett, L. B-40
1829 Bradley, Willaim Kean, Joseph H. B-50
1830 Barnes, Enos Herriford, Andrew B-59
1829 Bledsoe, William H. Creelsboro Trustees B-65
1829 Bledsoe, Joseph Creelsboro Trustees B-66
1829 Bolin, Isham Wilson, James & c B-70
1830 Baugh, Timothy Holt, Berryman D. Sheriff B-75
1829 Bernard, John T. Whitlock, John B-120
1830 Barger, Jonah Triplet, Thomas B-125
1830 Bradshaw, William Jones, Abner & c B-135
1830 Bradshaw, William Jones, Abner & c B-136
1830 Brockman, John Goodman, Patsey Jane B-141
1830 Brockman, Ambros Goodman, Green Irvin B-142
1830 Brown, George Riggins, Thomas B-161
1830 Berry, Franklin Shepherd, Andrew B-165
1829 Barnes, Ozia Johnton, William B-184
1829 Brockman, Ambros Stapp, Joseph B-199
1831 Barnet, Andrew James, Henry B-228