It is August.  I cannot believe that it is here already.  And that means that in a little over 2 weeks, I’ll be back at school.  I’ve already kicked back into school mode.  I spent the entire week-end getting lessons ready and making a plan for the first week of school.  And traditionally, my genealogy research comes to a screeching halt about this time of year.

SOOOO…. I’ve decided to make the most of our short family vacation later this week.  We are leaving a day early so that my family can accompany me to 3 or maybe 4 cemeteries to help me get pictures of the stones.  If the cemeteries are not large, we will photograph every stone with the intention of getting them all up onto Find-A-Grave eventually.  But the bulk of our trip will be simply to relax and enjoy being with family before starting the daily grind of school again.

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to stay ahead of the game as far as school is concerned so that I can continue to research on the week-ends.  I recently ordered 4 microfilm reels from the FHL, but they haven’t arrived yet.  I’m looking forward to seeing them, but worry that I won’t be able to spend as much time with them as I had hoped.  I should have ordered them earlier in the summer, but my wish list of films was long and I kept putting off prioritizing the list.  Maybe they’ll be here tomorrow and I’ll be able to spend a day looking at them before we go on our trip.  We’ll see!

Right now, I plan to visit 3 cemeteries in Russell County, Kentucky.  Square Oak Cemetery, Clear Springs Cemetery and Bernard Cemetery.  I’m going to look through my group sheets to see if any other cemeteries show up in my records, but I’ll be happy if we only make it to those 3.  There is one other cemetery with only 8 stones that I’d LOVE to see, but it is on private property and I’m not certain where it is, so I’m not very confident on that one.  If I recall correctly, I read that another visitor found cows grazing in the overgrown cemetery, so that worries me a bit.

After our cemetery visits, we will enjoy time on the lake boating and fishing and trying NOT to count the days until school begins!  (HA!  Good luck with that!)