Dabelstein family plots

Dabelstein family plots

After my family research trip to Chicago this week-end, I have most of the blanks in the Andrew Dabelstein group sheet filled in. I need 1 date of death for a son and confirmation of the marriage guess that I have made (and the parents of Andrew or his wife, Alvina Carsten).  A combination of church records on microfilm from the Newberry Library and a visit to the cemetery helped fill in blanks or confirm educated guesses that I had made.  Here’s what I have:

Andreas “Andrew” J Dabelstein – b. 27 Jan 1853  m. around 1879  d. 23 Nov 1929 in Kankakee County, but buried in Concordia Cemetery, Chicago.
Alvina Carsten/Karsten – b. 17 June 1857 d. 27 May 1912.

Andreas was born in Lubeck, Holstein, Germany and Alvina was born in Kayhude, Holstein Germany.  They came to America in 1882 along with their 11 month old son.

John (Hans) Dabelstein – b. 27 Dec 1881 in Germany.  I don’t believe he was married.  He died 6 Mar 1903 in Chicago and is buried in this plot in Concordia Cemetery.

Martha Dabelstein – b. 5 Jan 1883 in Chicago.  Never married.  d. 27 Mar 1913 in Chicago and buried in this plot.

Wilhelmina Dorothy Dabelstein – b. 25 Apr 1885  m.  Paul Danker on 28 Apr 1909 in Chicago  d. 18 Feb 1972 in Rockford, Illinois.  Also buried in Concordia Cemetery with her husband and 3 daughters in the Danker plots.

William Dabelstein – b. 13 Sept. 1887 in Chicago.  Never married.  d. 18 Jun 1917 in Chicago.  Buried in this plot in Concordia Cemetery.

Henry “Andrew Jr.” Dabelstein – b. 26 July 1894 in Chicago.  Possibly married to Emma Stolz on 26 July 1916.  I have no date or location of death.

I would love to be able to fill in the final blanks for Andrew Jr and obviously, I’d like to find the next generation back.  For the next generation, I think the next step will be to take a look at some Kayhude and Lubeck records, but I’m uncertain what is available and if I’ll be able to determine which church records to look at.  There are some records for Lubeck on Ancestry, but everything is in Germany and the last time I was at the library, I was unprepared to do any translations.  I don’t believe any of the records were church records.  I know that AWAP is working on transcribing an index for Lubeck census records and I’m anxious to see those!  Guess it’s time to visit the Family Search web site!