Here is the next installment of the 1890 Special Census for Veterans and their Widows.  For some reason, I did not alphabetize these names and I’d rather go ahead and get them posted than to take the time to get the names into the right format and then alphabetize them.  The file that I have is in “ready to print” format with headers and such and alphabetizing the names will have to go into my “to do on a rainy day” list.  Anyway, I tend to put things off unless they can be “perfect” and that usually leads to not doing the thing at all.  All of the precincts are alphabetized except for the 2 Jamestown precincts – the 2 largest precincts.  So I’m just going to go ahead an post in sets of 20.  If you are searching for a specific name, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.  Feel free to leave me a comment if you’d like for me to look for someone in particular.

Wilson, John – 13 Ky. Cav

Bolin, Henry C. – 3 Ky. Inft.

Jane widow of Edmonds, Benj. F. – 1 Ky. Cav.

Coffey, Shelby – 1 Ky. Cav.

Mary Paaigan Widow of Coffey, John A. – 3 Ky. Cav.

Ann E Widow of Bolin, John – 3 Ky. Inft.

Riggins, William D. – 1 Ky. (Eng?)

Smith, John P – 13 Ky. Cav.

Ferry, Daniel S. – 1 Ky. Cav.

Wilson, William H. – Ohio Inf.

Wilson, **untain F. – 8 Tenn. Inft.

Hail, John C. – 13 Ky. Cav.

Kimble, George A – 13 Ky. Cav.

Wilson, Daniel – 13 Ky. Cav.

Wilson, Alexander S. – 13 Ky. Cav.

McElroy, William B. – 13 Ky. Inft.

McElroy, Francis – 13 Ky. Cav.

Miller, Asure – 13 Ky. Cav.

Grider, Charles – 5 Ky. Cav.

Kickson, William * – blank