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Europe 015

Last summer, I was incredibly lucky to be able to travel to several countries in Europe along with my husband, who was on a business trip.  For 1 day, my wonderful husband shuttled me wherever I wanted to go to see the area that I had spent so much time researching.  We went to 2 small towns in Alsace, France named Vogelgrun and Volgelsheim.  We were able to locate 2 cemeteries in the area that had burials for families from my husband’s line – Herrscher.  It was an incredible feeling to know that I was standing in the same location as the people I had been researching!  They were REAL!

The interesting tradition for European cemeteries is that families “rent” their space and renew the lease after a period of years.  Family members are buried together in the same plot. 

Europe 060When our trip was over, my husband commented that he could finally understand why genealogy had captured my heart.